Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Why is Valentine's Day so important in the Atwood home?  

Well last year it took on much more significance.  Why?  Because it was the day Isaac Sentayehu became an Atwood.  It was the day we waited for for nearly a year.  We had been postponed in court twice and just knew that when given the date of Feb 14th we could not loose...and we didn't, we won BIG time.  

So we celebrate Isaac today and his being a part of our family for 1 year.  He has brought so many new changes to our family.  I know I have mentioned before just how different he and Micah are, but I cannot stress that enough...they are night and day.  It has taken this whole year to not only adjust to the newness of Isaac and his beautiful personality, but his great many changes in going from 17months to 28months.  He has changed so much.  He brings us great joy with just a laugh and smile. 

We could not imagine life without this precious boy, who just in the process of adopting him brought us closer to our Lord.  During his adoption is when we really began to look above and beyond God's heart for us (in His adoption of us) but also His heart for the nations.  He doesn't just love Americans, He loves all people from all nations.  This included Isaac from the country of Ethiopia in the great land of Africa.  We pray we will show God's love to Isaac in our love and actions for him and others and he will one day trust Jesus with his whole life.

Thank You God for allowing us the great privilege of parenting Isaac Sentayehu Atwood.