Friday, October 26, 2007

Ring, Baby, UNC and YP's...

Over the past month+ we have had some very exciting happenings in our extended family that I have failed to mention.

First, my older sister is engaged. Yea!!! This has been ten years in the making. So, of course the whole family is just thrilled and can't wait to celebrate in Mexico...that's right Mexico. And Auntie Heather has ask that the boys be in the wedding next year. Let me just tell everyone how excited I am for them and for this huge step they are taking. Love you both!
Second, would be the birth of our niece. This is the second child to Trevor's brother and his wife. The first girl of the family. I can't wait to get my hands on her. We of course were not there for the birth) : but hope to see her soon. God is so good. She is healthy, mama is healthy, what more could we have ask for.
Third, Trevor is leading a guys bible study for some UNC college students. This to me just seems so surreal. Before we moved to NC, all I ever heard about was the love my husband has for UNC basketball (currently ranked #1 in the new coaches poll) and to live here now and have the opportunity to build relationships with students is just amazing to me. We love college students and we want to be a model of the gospel to them through our marriage. So, once a month they will be coming to our house or the house of the other adult leader (our sweet friends A & A) and just hanging out eating good food and talking or playing video games or just whatever comes up. Once a month, Trevor & A will meet them for Bible study in Chapel Hill. They came over for the first time on Wednesday night, it was amazing. Can't wait to get to know them more and just invest in their life.
Last but not least, last night was the first night for Thursday Night. Trevor has been on staff with our church for a few months now and has been working with the Young Professionals. He has been working very hard to relaunch this ministry. They had there first big gathering of teaching and worship last night and from what I hear (could not for the life of me find a baby sitter) it was a huge success. They had a great turn out and it went smoothly. This purpose is to get young professionals and grad-students more connected to the church. There seemed to be a good response. This is huge.
Okay well there are the happenings at the Atwood home and extended family.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Festivities

So handsome!
This was picture day at school. Here is what he looked like before he left.
There is no telling what he looked like by the the time they took his picture at school.
This is us carving our pumpkins over the weekend.
We got two done on Saturday...
And finished all three by Sunday. Trevor did a great job carving the pumpkins.
I did the small spider. Micah was so patient during this long process.
Okay family, friends and bloggers we are officially beginning week 12 of waiting for a referral and today is 7 months of total process so far. Sometimes I think it has flown by and other times it is going by at a snails pace. But I truly am feeling optimistic that this could be our week. Of course all I have to go by is other peoples experiences, but hey that is something. I have peace about it and I know with each day and week that passes it is getting closer.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What I was told...

I am getting a few questions about my last post. I am not in any way wanting to cause anyone any more stress than already exist. So, I am going to try an explain what I was told by Natalie via Angela Jackson our other program coordinator.

We have been waiting 11 weeks, will be 12 on Tues. Which means we have almost been waiting 3 months. The wait time they gave me back when we were put on the wait-list was 3-5 months for a referral. So, we are just now entering 3 months, which means it could come any day in the next 2 months. They did say things have slowed down and referrals are not coming as quickly as they were before, but to not fret it will happen and hopefully sooner rather than later.

I hope this clears up any questions I may have put in your minds. Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

85 degrees in Mid-October

It is hot hot hot here in NC. We went on our first field trip to a pumpkin patch today and we had a lot of fun, but did not expect the warm weather we were given. It should not be this hot.

It was so good to see Micah interact with all his new friends and for me to meet all the parents. He is having a blast at preschool and LOVES his teacher. After today I think I have found they all just adore her. She seems to be an amazing teacher. He comes home everyday having learned a new song, a new sign (sign language), and so much more.

Well, Natalie from our adoption agency says we are just now officially entering the wait time of 3-5 months. Sometimes I just want to scream and shout and throw a two year old hissy fit, but then I am reminded that I am a witness to the love and mercy of Christ and in these difficult times it is Him I have to glorify. So, I am trusting that Isaac is coming home.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I have been tagged by Emily.

So here we go, prepared to be amazed! Six things about me...

1. Nanny (4yrs.)
2. Preschool Teacher (1yr.)
3. Preschool Ministry Director (4yrs.)
4. Mom & Wife...not a job, but a privilege.
The only jobs I have ever had. Do you see a trend, I love children.

Places Lived:
1. Born in TX
2. Raised in TN
3. Moved to NC

Favorite TV shows:
1. Lost
2. Office
3. Survivor
4. Amazing Race

Books I want to read:
1. There is no me w/o you
2. Doctrines of Grace
3. Mere Christianity
4. Shepherding A Child's Heart

Restaurants I like, but rarely frequent:
1. P.F. Chang's
2. Jason's Deli
3. Red Robin
4. Cheesecake Factory

Things I enjoy:
1. Starbucks Coffee
2. Making stationary cards
3. Date w/ my husband
4. Watching Micah accomplish a difficult task w/o frustration

I will tag: Miranda On the road to Emmaus

Monday, October 8, 2007

Overview of the week past.

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. Don't go deleting me from your list, I will do better.

Micah finished his first week of preschool and loved every second of it. I have begun to look into schools in our town to see what our options are for Kindergarten. I was really hoping to apply to the GT Magnet school here, but they said it was a zoning school. Of course, we are not zoned for it. I really liked the thought of a magnet school geared to my child's interests and the fact that it is diverse. His family will be diverse, so we think it important that his school is as well. The school we are zoned for is great, I just wanted to check out my options...private school, anyone? This route scares me a little, too many choices for such an indecisive person.

We had a great family Saturday. We went to the park, then watched some of a little league game, went for lunch and a trip to Super Target. Watching the little league game was interesting. I look at kids that age and always imagine what Micah will be like when he gets there. I look forward to the whole sports thing, whatever he chooses.

My husband left today for NYC with our pastor and our church planting pastor. They are going up there to meet with the Gallery Church (new church plant in the city) that we partnering with. They brought him along to see some church planting in action. I hope and pray he listens and learns a lot about what it takes. The lead pastor of the Gallery Church and his wife are dear friends of ours as well, so it should be a great trip to get to see them and spend some time with them.

There is still no news on the adoption front. I did get a call this morning from an UNKNOWN #(which Drew & Carey posted is what comes up when you get the call), but of course I didn't get to the phone on time so I missed it. My mind starts racing, maybe it was Gladney, but wouldn't they leave a message? Will they try to call Trevor? So, I called him, and he said no one had tried calling. So, I am assuming it was not them. Oh well, we will chalk it up to another day. Last week was a hard week of waiting, but I already feel better today about the wait. I just keep thinking...we are at 10 weeks it can't be that much longer. Three to four more weeks of waiting is not bad in the grand scheme of things. However, I'll take that call today, PLEASE!

Monday, October 1, 2007

First Day of School!

Micah had his first day of school last Thurs. He really seemed to enjoy it. Here are a few pictures of the first day. He begins a full week today. He can't wait to get there and play with all his new friends. Pics before we left.
Meeting his teachers
Greeting me at the door. I think he was happy to see me.