Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Little Shepherds

I had read the story of the shepherds in the field before Jesus' birth the night preceding this video. So Micah wanted to act it out the next day. Of course, Isaac, wanting to always do what his big brother does, had to also put on a shepherd costume.

Isaac's neck was so stiff trying to hold his head up, he resembled ET in the scene where ET is dressed as a ghost for Halloween. He had the same ET waddle going on.

Do they have to grow up?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our New Home...

Most know we moved from the quaint town of Wake Forest to the bigger city of Durham two months ago, but some may never get a chance to see it in person (mostly you TN people that live so far away). So I thought I would invite you into my home and give you a tour. Hopefully it will make you feel closer to us.
Welcome to the Crepe Myrtle draped entrance. It really is nice.

Entrance into breakfast nook/ kitchen.
Breakfast nook. I opted for no table so the kids would have more playing room in the kitchen.
It's my favorite room in the house. It has the most natural light than any other room in the house.
Foyer and base of stairs.
Living Room, left wall.
Living room, right wall.
Dining area. It is right off the kitchen and shares space with living room.
Boys large room. This picture does no justice to how lucky they are.

Master Bedroom.

Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One of thosse days...

We have had the craziest hectic week that has kept us from eating together, putting the kids down on time and together and just had us running all day everyday...until today. I got to catch up on laundry that has been sitting in piles since Monday morning, clean my house and just be at home. Then late afternoon hits and I get down in the dumps because once again, Trev has a commitment that takes him away from the house for dinner & bedtime.

I know many of you out there have husbands that work a lot and probably way more than mine and I should not be complaining, but it is hard and it is something I have to be in prayer about a lot or I get overwhelmed and then that makes me take it out on Trev. Contrary to my attitude I actually want him to fulfill his commitments that take him away from home a lot because i know it puts him in front of college students who need to know him and trust him, in order to minister the best he can to them. But ya know, it used to be something we did together and now it is very hard for me to go to one quarter of events, etc. I know the day will come when my kids are older and that will allow me to be more of a presence and support.

I know I am venting, just needed to get it off my chest so I could move on to making that dinner and preparing for that bedtime, I joyously get to do alone (;

This to shall already is. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping With My Dad

We had a fantastic weekend. Trevor has been so busy with ministry and school that we have not lately gotten a lot of quality family time. However, this weekend was full of it. The pictures above tell of our Friday night camping adventure in the backyard. We set up the tent (a first in oh about ten years), ate pizza and made s'mores over a...grill. I know it all screams city life, but we had so much fun. Isaac and I checked out at around 7oclock for Micah and Daddy to have some "Daddy and Me" time. They read books, told stories and as you can see, eventually sleep. It is memories for the books (even though I am horrible at writing this stuff down, so more for the mind to hold on to for years to come).

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trip to the Museum of Life & Science

Addie & Micah at the Animal Barns
Us on the Butterfly bench before going into the Buttterfly Sanctuary 
Isaac & Micah driving the sailboats.  This was one of Micah's favorite things.
One of many fun things we crammed into our week was a trip to the Museum.  I have been wanting to take Micah here for a while, but when we lived in WF it was to far and when we moved to Durham (it's home) the cost detoured me.  But with the summer coming to a quick close I knew I needed to get Micah to this fabulous museum.  So, I called up a friend and ask her and her children to tag along and gratefully they did.  An added bonus to their company was she has a membership for four and covered one of us and then out of her kindness she paid the additional portion left.  We had so much fun and we were only able to squeeze in the outside portion.  So, next time we will have to finish off the experience by seeing the inside of the museum.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


One of my passions. I get this from my mom who, while I was little (and still even today as an empty-nester) loved to cook and experiment with foods, spices, and herbs. You name it she has probably tried it. She always made everything (well not everything) from scratch. Ya know the Sandra Lee(food network, Semi-homemade) way.

I wanted to go to culinary school in my early twenties, but everywhere I looked to go was not where I lived (remember I was married and settled at 21) and/or cost WAY to much money. So, it became a fleeting thought. I have daydreamed about it off and on for several years, but after watching shows like Chef Ramsey's, (are you kidding me) I realize I am not cut out to be in a restaurant kitchen. But catering has crossed my mind.

Anyway, for now I get to experiment with my family.

My sister came into town two weeks ago to do some taste testing with her chef for her wedding and my mom and I got to go with. Blair made all the things she wants on her(my sister) menu and they all broadened my food palette. The whole experience has given me the itch to be cooking for others again. I got a new cookbook right afterwards and I have been going to town not shying away from the unknowns of food but embracing them.

However for now and with a grateful heart, I will continue to be a mother and wife and play a supporting role in ministry with my husband. This too is a passion and it is where God has us. So, I will just have to use some of you in the RDU area as my guinea pigs to be able to use another creative

Monday, August 18, 2008

Great pictures random thoughts

Aren't these just the cutest kids you have ever seen. They are getting so big. Isaac will be two in October and Micah starts Kindergarten in two weeks. As most of you I have two children with completely different personalities. Micah is my quiet, shy, never pitch a fit in public child, where Isaac on the other hand is my loud, never met a stranger, pitch a fit in public child. They both bring great joy into my life and quiet a bit a frustration as well.

Isaac is doing great for all those wondering about his adjustment. He of course had a very rough start but flipped a switch about a month in and became my little sparkle of laughter and joy, oh and screaming. Side note; my social worker came two months ago for or 3 month follow-up and got to see his screaming in action...her suggestion, "You need to get you some ear plugs, he is going to stress you out if you don't. And then it will be bad for all of you." Never did get those but have been working very hard on an inside voice. It has not gotten through yet, but we are working on it.

We have gone through a lot of change in the last few months which has added stress to life in general but we are getting through. Most of you know, but for those who don't Trevor began a new job as college pastor at our church right after we got home (from Ethiopia in March), then we moved to Durham almost two months ago and now Trevor is beginning another full load of classes today. Needless to say we have a jammed packed schedule, but we are learning to take it a day at a time. God gives the grace and sufficiency to get through each day, why would we even dare take on tomorrow or the next. But we all find ourselves looking toward the next day, month and trying to take it all on that very day. I do it when I look to a busy week and find myself feeling very anxious. Why do we do it? Because we want to control our lives is what it boils down to. Shame on us!

I have been checking out my old blogging friends over the weeks and months I have been gone. Alexanders I cannot wait to you get home with little Abe. Lori, what a beautiful room for you sweet girl. And the blog Union, what a huge success. I would have loved to have been there.
As I have been reading through blogs especially you who have small children and am finding that you don't blog as often either so I am going to give this thing another try as long as I get over my guilt of not blogging every other day or everyday. It may be just once a month but I am going to try. I have missed it.