Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Isaac the Engineer

Micah at 3 1/2 constructing this masterpiece.

The newest engineer.

It may be time to bust out the train table.  It looks like we have another Thomas lover.  We have so much Thomas The Tank Engine stuff from when Micah went through this stage and Isaac is already showing a liking to the cheeky fella.  Maybe train bribes will work on him after all, thanks for the idea Katie.


Early Birthday...

Micah got an early birthday present from his grandparents.  I can't believe he is about to be five.  He got BIG bike to replace his little bike that he "will give to Isaac."  We love you Grandpa and Granny-Jeal!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

life as I know it...

Are they not just the cutest!  They make their momma proud.

I know I have been a slacker.  Is there anyone out there that actually still checks this thing.  Well I know I at least have one person, my sister, and she is the reason for the post.  Who knew sitting down to the computer would be so difficult, but honestly it is.  The ONLY time I have is at night and by this time of day the computer is the last thing I want to be on, but I love you guys so here is an update on the fam.

I would say when we got home, "When things get back to normal..." and someone said to me, "The normal you are looking for is gone you will have a NEW normal now."  Well ladies and gents(if there are any, DP I know you read this thing) we have finally hit for now I believe, I hope, a NEW normal.  The boys are doing so well.  They fight yes, but only as they should.  Isaac is biting, hitting, scratching, pulling hair, but he is 18mos. and it is so his type of personality. So, we deal.  

I caught the boys today, playing together really well and it just warmed my heart.  Isaac has been battling double ear infections for a week now and today I feel that he is getting over that hump and he was so pleasant to be around.  He was walking around the house at one point blowing on a recorder (flute type instrument) and was so proud of himself for getting it to make noise.  So cute!

Also, I think if I put forth a little effort Isaac could potty train right now.  What do i do with that?  He cannot verbally communicate, but he sure can point and grunt and pull on his diaper when he has either just gone or is about to.  But, how do you potty train an 18mo. old?  Anyone out there done this?  Should I just wait or try?  Micah could have cared less until he was 3 1/2yrs old.  I am at a lose with this one.

Okay, that is all I have, sorry it is so lame.  Bear with me, I will move past this selfish stage at some point and become a regular blogger again.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the award goes to...

So, my friend Katie graciously gave me an award that I must pass along.  But first I must say a few things about Katie.  Well, if you read her blog first, you will see how we met, but you won't learn anything about her(other than she is hilarious and quite a good writer).  Let me help you out.  She is one of those infectious people you just want to be around.  She doesn't take herself to seriously, but she is serious about her children, her husband and her faith.  She can have you in stitches laughing about just about anything.  But most importantly she is a loyal friend (she offered to watch my son while gone to Ethiopia...she lives nine hours away, but was serious as a heart attack).  I am so thankful that God brought us together through the adoption of our children from Russia and that we can stay connected through the blog world.  Love you friend.

I would like to now nominate; Emily; Jamie; Rachel

  1. Emily, I met through Ethiopian blogs several months ago.  From the first comment on each others blogs, she has been a non-stop encouragement to me.  She loves Jesus and it is real and genuine.  That is what I admire about her.  She is no phony.  She loves her husband and it is the most adorable and loving thing to read her thoughts on her man.  The love she has for her four now six children is contagious.  She is a devoted mother who is passionate about taking every moment and making it teachable.  God has brought her on the journey of a lifetime, through adoption.  This is just the beginning of what will be the adventure of a LIFETIME!  Love ya Sister!
  2. Jamie, I met through our church small group.  She too has a love for Jesus, her husband and her children that cannot be found to often.  She makes life fun for her children.  She is so creative with the ways she makes each day special for them from coffee Wednesday to turning everyday ordinary objects into the coolest art projects.  I marvel at her thoughtfulness and love for her family and others.  Do you really have to leave us?  Love you!
  3. Rachel, I met during her college years in the Boro.  She was dating one of our college kids(who am I kidding he was our age) who was family to us.  So, if he was family then so was she.  She quickly became one of my dearest friends.  What I love about her is that when she loves someone, she loves them with every fiber in her being.  She fights for what she wants and doesn't let go easily.  She loves Jesus passionately and it overflows to her husband and her baby boy.  She has a heart for women and seeing them grow in love with our Savior.  You are a beloved friend, one unmatched by any other.
The thread that binds each one of us is our love for Jesus and our family and that is why they MAKE MY DAY! Now, each of you has to award this to whomever you choose.  Have fun!