Wednesday, May 28, 2008

turning 30...

wow 30 years old. When I used to look ahead to thirty I saw myself; in my hometown; living in the house my husband and I bought at 23; growing our family; ministering to college students and my husband still the director of the sports ministry he ran and loving it. Little did I know that God would call my husband and our family to start over essentially. We moved to NC two years ago for him to pursue his Masters degree, where we moved into seminary housing, all 800 sq ft. of it and he began school all over again.

BUT, the year leading up to 30 has brought many new and exciting things. We have been apart of a church family and home that has a PASSION for preaching the gospel and planting churches in order to do so and reach as many people as possible. Trevor has been able to work next to our gifted teaching pastor and begin working with college students again as the college pastor at our church. And last but not least we brought home our second son.

So while I don't live in my beloved hometown anymore or own my own home God has blessed us with a church home, the continued growth of family and the opportunity to work with the greatest age demographic ever. We are growing to love and call NC home. We hope that God will allow us to stay in the area and minister to college students and young families in RDU for a long time to come.

Thank you to my husband who is away for the week for his precious and thoughtful gift and for Anna who brought it to me, my two friends who have brought chocolate chip cookies and all the phone calls. I feel loved and remembered as I enter this new decade.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


To a very clever website

Check this out. 
You can feed children and test your vocabulary.
I was able to get to 1300 grains before I stopped,
 but I will go back and do it again. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This makes me smile...

Isaac playing with the marble maze and cracking up at himself.  
He had us all in stitches.  

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Micah...

I am a "whole hand."

We had his birthday party at a bounce house on Friday.  
He had 20 friends come and enjoy the fun with him.

Well his birthday was actually on Wednesday but we have been celebrating up til yesterday.  My parents and lil sister came over for Mother's day and they brought him a WII.  Then on his birthday we went on a family picnic to the park.  Finally, on Friday he had his party with friends at Jumpin Beans.  He has had a fun, full week to say the least.  I cannot even believe I am the parent of a five year old. Crazy!  

Funny things he said the day before he turned 5, "Am I going to feel turning 5 in my sleep tonight?"  "Is my thumb going to pop out (making five fingers)."  The next day he woke up and he rushed into the living room and said,"I felt it, I felt in my sleep turning 5."  He is so excited to be five.  It is like he just hit a whole new age bracket.  We love you sweet boy!

Family Picnic on his Birthday & Birthday Party at Jumpin Beans