Saturday, June 30, 2007

Decorating the boys room...hummm!

I have been thinking for sometime how I would decorate the boys' room. This is as far as I have gotten...a bed. We picked out one we found on EBay, but we have to wait until the adoption is paid for before we can purchase.
We did Micah's TN room in a geographical theme; sailboats, maps, blue gingham. Now he has a sports theme; North Carolina basketball, Redskins football, Reds baseball, hummm, does this sound like someone else we might know? Yes, his daddy. So, the dilemma is, do I go back to the geographical theme or keep what we have?
We are entering the wait period and it is driving me crazy to do SOMETHING, but when you have no money you just can't. Well, we will be headed back to TN in the fall and I guess we will have to have our minds made up by then. Everything is stored there so we wil have to commit to what we will bring back with us. Oh the wait...YUCK!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer time, summer time, sumsumsummer time...

Today began like most...Trevor and I looking at each other going, "What are we going to do today, that doesn't cost any money." Well we brainstormed for a while and decided to take Micah to Barnes and Noble for the story time where we got to see Curious George and then play outside in the water spouts at the mall. We also received in the mail some coupons for free chickens sandwiches at Mcdonalds(well one free, and another BOGO free). So, we enjoyed a morning of fun and it cost us $4.50. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Here is how we pass time when it is 95 degrees outside.

On the adoption front, we were notified yesterday that our homestudy was done. So, we are hoping to have our CIS(Citizenship and Immigration) approval soon. The dossier is in it's final stages, once we recieve our copy of the homestudy in the mail and our CIS letter, we will have everything compiled for our dossier. Once that is done it goes to Ethiopia and we wait for a referral (picture and medicals on our little boy). We can't wait. It is getting harder with each passing day to not be anxious, but we trust God and His timing.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Succumbing to the pressure...

Well, after being addicted for some time to everyone else's blogs, I have finally succumb to the pressure of making my own. I often think how neat it would be to keep everyone informed about our lives from so far away, well here you go or better yet here I go. I will tell you that I will do my best to keep this up, but don't hold it against me if I don't.

My husband and I moved to seminary a year ago with our then three year old boy, to pursue an MDiv. degree. We have been so blessed this year to make new friends and find a wonderful church, The Summit Church in Durham.

In March we began the process to adopt our second child from Ethiopia, Micah was adopted from Russia in 04. It has been an amazing experience that has taught us a lot about ourselves and who we are in Christ. We have nearly begun the waiting phase, which means we are done on our end and have to wait for all the paperwork to be processed. Then we get a referral for a little boy 12-24 mos. old.

So I no longer feel as though I am neglecting my son, I am going to go play on the playground with him.