Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keva & Chai

Well, its been a while. I'll post updates here on Keva and Chai's status.

First, to all who are praying, thank you.

Here is how we got to where we are right now. Keva has been high risk throughout this pregnancy for a pre-term delivery. This is no surprise, but we hoped she would make it past 30 weeks. At the moment, she is 26 weeks and 5 days.

This morning at 2:45 I was awakened from a dead sleep to Isaac calling for help. He wet the bed. As I was changing him, Keva called out from the our bedroom that she was "leaking". I left Isaac standing there no pants on (which looking at the last post from 1.5 years ago, you might think he rarely wears clothing). When we turned the light on, we could see it was Keva's water that had broken. At this point I am thinking, "Chai is about to pop out!" I shifted into Super Dad mode, which means running from room to room and up and down stairs not exactly sure what to do. We called Spence and Courtney Shelton (fellow pastor @SummitRDU) and Spence, also a Super Dad, came over to stay with the boys. I don't remember much of this craziness except at one point somehow I had taken Ike downstairs and he was standing there with no pants and his underwear in his hand as I told Keva to wrap up in a towel and get in the car. Micah slept through the whole thing, lights on and all.

We arrived at the ER and were quickly taken to Labor and Delivery. Keva was given a steroid to help Chai's lungs to mature quickly, bracing him for the real world. (Immediately, Keva's batting average went up 20 points and she hit 35 homers before the all-star break.) She also received an IV with Magnesium to stop labor and prevent cerebral palsy (sp?) in Chai. We had a great team of doctors and nurses here at Duke Hospital that were wonderful through the whole thing.

The Plan: Ideally, the baby stays in another 7 weeks to get us to 34 weeks, then they would induce labor. That is an outside shot, though. About a 50-50 shot at this kid coming in the next 30 hours. But Keva is stable and resting well now.

Micah and Isaac are taken care of through the weekend until my parents get here on Sunday evening.

We may need some meals, but update on how you can help next post.

Chai is Hebrew (transliterated) for "Alive". We named him this not because of physical life, but because of the life that Keva and I have experienced in our relationship with God in Christ (John 1:4). We are praying that God gives him physical life and are trusting the one who gave his Son so that we might know true life.

More to come...


Katie said...

I will definitely be praying for you guys! I can't wait to see what little Chai will look like!

Amber said...

We are praying...and I'm crying. Thanks for the update. You know you can count on prayers from your "Atwood family"! We love you guys.
The Alfonsos

Bobby and Brooke said...

We are praying for ya'll during this time! Please be sure to post any needs in the time ahead!

Bobby and Brooke Farr

Lyndsey said...

Praying for you guys! Love the meaning behind his name!

Kerry said...

Praying, praying, praying for all of you!!!

tammysue said...

You are in our prayers over here in Houston. Our God is faithful! We love you guys! Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Tammy