Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Surprises Last Night

Chai stayed put. Keva slept as well as anyone who has to get a shot in the bottom at 4 am.

She was up for an hour anticipating the steroid shot, then stayed up praying until she fell asleep. (Yes, she prayed both ask of the Lord and to fall asleep.) Again, the steroid shot was to boost Chai's lung development in case he comes. Keva didn't feel any contractions last night. They have seemed to subside for the time being, where they were at times as close as 30 min apart yesterday.

After the shot, we both slept until about 7:30 this AM. Thanks for your prayers for rest. God is mercifully answering our prayers with a yes so far. Please keep praying for Keva, Chai, Micah, Isaac and me.

I'll update again if any changes happen today. If not, I'll update at the end of the day.

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